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This platform has been created with lots of passion and love ❤

“Desi QnA” is a social tech-based question-answer platform.

“Get best answers to any doubt/query/question related to programming , jobs, GATE, internships and tech-companies. Feel free to ask a question and you will receive the best advice/suggestion related to anything you ask about software-engineering , development and programming problems .”

Link to the website :

How to use Desi QnA ?

There are two things which you might notice :


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Using both of these features , you can quickly find the answers and questions you want to find!

Next feature is directly asking a question :

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Add proper category and tag(s) to your question so you can get a high quality answer in less time . If you see a question whose answer you know, dont shy away from answering it!

Moving on to the next feature : “Search” Bar.

You can directly type your questions or certain “keywords” of your question in the search box. After hitting


you will get a list of all question(s)+answer(s) , related to your keyword query :-)

Other features include :

Messaging to other users, favoruite button feature,best answer feature,upvote and downvote feature,etc.

There are best answers which includes priceless advices and resources for each category which comes under computer-science , ranging from programming basics till AI/Machine-Learning/Quantum-Computing . So make the best use of this website . Grow and help others grow as well.

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